One of those weeks… 90 degree Hexagon & Square templates…and a few extra unwanted angles on my car!

I have had a lot of requests for the 90 degree hexagon & square templates and I’ve been trying my hardest to get them done and up on the website but it’s been one of those weeks, topped off by a bit of a road crash on Friday. Nothing hurt except the rear end of my car. I always try and avoid men in white courier vans but when they come at you from behind it’s a bit hard! Anyway the templates are finally up and I’m off to have a nice glass of red with friends and try not to think about it until I have to deal with smash repairers and insurance companies next week.

The 90 degree hexagon and square are both used in the ‘Aunt Clara’ quilt by Clara Bate (1859-1914) and the ‘Patchwork of the Crosses’ quilt by Lucy Boston (1892-1990).

Here’s my sewn sample of the arrangement as in the Aunt Clara quilt. I couldn’t stop at one. I thought it would make a nice inner border so I’ve sewn a few sections to play around with.


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