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Quilt Design Basics - Value

Quilt Design Basics – Value

Quilt Design Basics – Value is the second topic in a series on Colour, Value, Contrast & Balance. Value… So we’ve looked at the colour wheel and have a basic idea of colour schemes. But the colours on the colour wheel are pure saturated colours, not what quilters usually like to work with. We really […]

Colour wheel

Quilt Design Basics – Colour

Quilt Design Basics – Colour is the first topic in a series on Colour, Value, Contrast & Balance Colour… Colour is usually the first thing we start thinking about once we have a design in mind. If you are a novice in this area, being aware of a few basic colour principles will be helpful […]

Uses pieced hexagons

Pieced Hexagon Blocks

Playing with Pieced Hexagon blocks. It’s great fun playing around with the 1½” Range and 2″ Range of English paper piecing templates. I am always amazed at the number of different designs that can be created from just a few geometric shapes. The following links show examples of small and large pieced hexagon blocks using […]


Designing with Shape & Design Packs

Quilt designing with Shape & Design Packs is as easy as throwing a few ingredients into a bowl. Use sashings, inners borders and backgrounds to combine the Shape & Design Packs together. Continuing the cooking analogy… they are the butter, oil and flour that combine your chosen ingredients. Here’s just a couple of recipes to give […]


Designing a quilt is like cooking

Designing a quilt is like cooking… just start with the main ingredient and add to taste! When it comes to designing your own quilt it’s sometimes hard to know where to start, even for experienced quilters. I hope my range of ready-to-use templates might help you when starting your next project. Made Studio Textiles template […]