Have you tried fussy cutting?

My quilting friend Fran recently went north to escape the Melbourne weather and took some of my templates along to do a bit of stitching, wow what a result. Fran has some wonderful fabrics in her collection ideal for fussy cutting. She used my 1½” English paper piecing hexagon templates and the acrylic template for fussy cutting. I can’t wait to see what see does with them.

I’m always amazed at the kaleidoscopic patterns that form by fussy cutting and repeating a particular part of a fabric. Border or linear design fabrics and fabrics with big graphic patterns give the best results. Often these aren’t the types of prints we tend to generally just squirrel away, so when you’re next shopping for fabric take a fresh look at fabrics that you might not usually buy… they just might be perfect for fussy cutting.

Fran has been busy fussy cutting
















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