A seed was sewn, an idea sprouted and it just grew! Just like my ‘At the bottom of Grandma’s Flower Garden’ quilt.

It just grew like my At the Bottom of Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt

Years ago I read an article on using freezer paper for appliqué templates. The instructions stated, iron the coated side of the paper to the wrong side of the fabric, paint all the seam allowances with starch and iron them over the edge. Sometime later I came across another article with a similar idea, only it said to glue the seam allowances over. That little voice (you know the one) started saying “why bother with messy starch and glue when you can simply turn the freezer paper template over and iron the seam allowances onto the shiny side, where it will adhere to the coating?”

I then thought “why can’t I use the same idea for English paper piecing (EPP)?” So over the past few years I have been experimenting with both techniques. After refining the process, the only thing I wasn’t happy with was the commonly available freezer paper. That little voice chipped in again “that’s easy just find your own supplier!”

Not so easy as I found out, but I now have my own supply of heat-sensitive coated paper that I am happy with. It has enough body so the edges don’t fold in when ironing over the seam allowances, but it is still pliable enough to be comfortable in your hand while sewing.

So if you are like me (a bit of a perfectionist who doesn’t like to waste time because I always have another project waiting) the idea that you can get great results in a fraction of the time and with no mess might appeal to you too.


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