When it comes to combining patchwork templates… Size does matter!

Made Studio Textiles English paper piecing patchwork templates are measured along the side edges. For example the 1½” Hexagon has a side edge that measures… you guessed it, 1½”. Specifying the side edge measurement means you will know you can use it with the 1½” Triangle, the 1½” Diamond and the other shapes in the 1½” Range that have side measurements of 1½” and 3″.

Patchwork templates size example

There is also a 2″ Range of templates.  The 2″ Hexagon is compatible with the above shapes that have a side measurement of 2″ and 4″. Other shapes may also be combined, for example the 2″ Kite can be used with the 4″ Triangle. Measurements are specified on the front of each Shape Pack and where applicable compatible shapes are indicated.

Sizes of appliqué templates are indicated as a width, length or diameter measurement.

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