Playing with Pieced Hexagon blocks.

It’s great fun playing around with the 1½” Range and 2″ Range of English paper piecing templates. I am always amazed at the number of different designs that can be created from just a few geometric shapes.

The following links show examples of small and large pieced hexagon blocks using these templates. But so many other designs can be created, not just hexagon blocks. It’s only limited by your imagination. You will also see that secondary patterns start to form when blocks are positioned next to each other and it’s interesting to see how you can change the look just by changing the colour/value placement and layout.

Pieced hexagon blocks-large
Pieced hexagon block layouts-large
Pieced hexagon blocks-small

Both size ranges include a Hexagon, Half Hexagon, Teardrop Hexagon, small & large Triangles, small & large Diamonds and left & right Parallelograms. The templates that make up the 1½” Range and the 2″ Range are available separately in Shape Packs. There is also a range of the same shape Acrylic Templates available in the 1½”size. You can use these if you prefer to hand piece, rather than English paper piece and they are also used for fussy cutting, for both techniques.

Another Place… Another Time Quilt
The pieced hexagon blocks and hexagon borders in this quilt were created using templates from the 1½” Range.

Pieced Hexagon Blocks - quilt
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