Design Pack - Borders

Design Packs are ideal for quilters that know the basics of quilt construction but would like the convenience of ready-to-use templates. They are also a great way to get started and gain confidence in designing you own quilts. Select a Border Design Pack to finish off your own quilt design or use in combination with our Block and Centre Design Packs. There are two types of border designs, surrounding borders and top & bottom borders. Surrounding borders have a design repeat that is used along the straight sides plus a corner design. The top & bottom borders are as the name suggests.

Borders can be made to fit existing design elements by adjusting the amount of repeats and/or adding inner filler borders. There are pieced and appliqué designs to choose from, some use a combination of both techniques. Each pack contains General Instructions explaining how to use the templates and the various techniques and Design Notes explaining how to construct the border.

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