Quilting Travels – Part 1 UK …
Liberty London… Antique Textiles Company… Antiques Fair at Blenheim Palace…

We had the most wonderful time on our quilting travels in the UK and France, as anyone that has been following my travels on Facebook will know. Unfortunately due to time and WiFi restraints I was unable to do blog posts as well. For those not on Facebook, I’ll do some catch up blog posts here over the next few days… in between moving house. Yes… back to the real world!

Our first week was spent in-and-around London. We arrived in London on the morning of Tuesday 14th April and after taking a stroll down Oxford Street we found ourselves in Liberty London… can’t say it was by accident!

Quilting Travels - Liberty London 001

Quilting Travels - Liberty London 002Quilting Travels - Liberty London 003Quilting Travels - Liberty London 004

On Wednesday we headed to Hampstead to visit Christopher Wilson-Tate. A quaint little shop packed with antique quilts and Kashmir & Paisley shawls. We were just like kids in a candy shop!

We had a very nice lunch nearby, sitting in the sun on what was a beautiful spring day. Later we strolled around some antique shops and found a couple of mother of pearl buttons to add to my collection.

Quilting Travels - Antiques Textile Company 001 Quilting Travels - Antiques Textile Company 002 Quilting Travels - Antiques Textile Company 003 Quilting Travels - Antiques Textile Company 004

Thursday saw us head to Blenheim Palace for the Cotswolds Antiques Fair… and champagne & smoked salmon lunch.

I was once told that if you have more than 3 of something you are a collector. Well, it’s official…I am now a collector of Kashmir/Paisley shawls, this time a French one.

Quilting Travels - Blenheim Palace 001Quilting Travels - Blenheim Palace 002

Quilting Travels - Blenheim Palace 003

The quilting travels continue… Part 2