Quilting Travels – Part 10 UK…
The Welsh Quilt Centre…Jen Jones Antique Quilts… National Wool Museum… Malvern Quilt Show…

By the end of yesterday the weather had improved. We woke up to a lovely Wednesday, perfect for continuing our quilting travels on a picturesque drive to Lampeter in Wales to visit The Welsh Quilt Centre and then on to Jen Jones cottage shop of antique quilts… lucky I packed that extra duffle bag!

Quilting Travels - Jen Jones collage

…and then we just managed to squeeze in a visit to The National Wool Museum before closing time.

Quilting Travels - Wool museum collage

Thursday… Oh, the British weather! Just as well we are spending the day indoors at the Malvern Quilt Show, on our way to Bampton.

Quilting Travels - Malvern show collage

Friday we headed for the Antiques & Collectors Market held at the Corn Hall in Cirencester… it’s best I say no more!

The quilting travels continue… Part 11