Quilting Travels – Part 1 France…
Musee de Cluny Tapestries… Streets of Nantes…

In Part 1 of my Quilting Travels blog post I promised those not on Facebook that I would catch up on my travel blog posts over the next few days, in between moving house… Ha! That was back on the 5th June. One house move and half a renovation later, not to mention the Showcase Exhibition in between, well I’m just getting to Part 3 now… and could do with another holiday!

The tapestries at the Musee de Cluny were amazing. Unfortunately the rooms were very dimly lit, for good reason, and quite crowded with people so they are not the greatest photos. So here’s a Google Images link.

Quilting Travels - Musee de Cluny

We took the train from Paris to Nantes and went for a little stroll around the streets when we arrived. We just happened to find a little shop selling antique textiles. I couldn’t resist a small piece of whitework embroidery, just a fragment of it’s previous life but the stitching is amazing. I’ll post a photo once it’s framed but here’s a few images of the streets of Nantes… and the icecream was pretty good too!

Quilting Travels - Streets of Nantes


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