Quilting Travels – Part 8 UK…
Victoria & Albert Museum… Lucy Boston, Hemingford Grey Manor… Stranger’s Hall… Bridewell Museum… Bowes Museum… York Quilt Museum…

Sunday we flew back to the UK to spend a couple of nights in London before picking up a car and continuing our quilting travels around the countryside. Monday we strolled through Hyde Park to the Victoria & Albert Museum. They had a great costume display and we were impressed with a display of Indian textiles. We had a very enjoyable lunch in the lovely V&A Cafe.

Quilting Travels - V&A Exhibitions collage

Tuesday we picked up the car and headed for Norwich, stopping off at Hemingford Grey Manor along the way to see the quilts, home and garden of Lucy Boston, maker of the Patchwork of the Crosses quilt. Unfortunately photography was only permitted in the garden.

Quilting Travels - Lucy Boston, Hemingford Grey Manor collage

On Wednesday we visited Stranger’s Hall, the name Stranger was given to the textiles workers from Holland that relocated to Norwich to help revive the textile industry in 1565. Then to the Bridewell Museum. Norwich has a rich textile history.

Quilting Travels - Norwich collage

Thursday we were off to York, dropping into the Newark Antiques Centre on the way. Two decorative mother of pearl buttons, an embroidered white work trim, some woven trim and a printed paisley shawl found their way into my suitcase. I need to research the shawl but if it’s a genuine Norwich shawl then I got a real bargain, if not I think I still got a bargain. Friday we visited the Bowes Museum at Barnard Castle and then strolled around the antiques shops in the village. I picked up some wool embroidered panels, ideal for re-purposing.

Quilting Travels - York, Barnard Castle collage

Saturday we headed to the York Quilt Museum to see the ‘All shapes & Sizes’ exhibition, a celebration of design and draughtsmanship. The original Mrs. Billings quilt was part of the display, sorry photos were not permitted.

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