Quilting Travels – Part 9 UK…
Hardwick Hall… Wightwick Manor… Royal Worcester Porcelain Museum…

We spent Saturday and Sunday night at the lovely spa town of Buxton. Then off on our quilting travels to Hardwick Hall on Sunday. Built for Bess of Hardwick between 1590-1597, passing down through the Cavandish family to Evelyn, Duchess of Devonshire. Both women had an interest in textiles and there is a large collection of 16th-17th century embroideries and tapestries to be seen.

Quilting Travels - Hardwick Hall collage

On Monday we drove to Worcester stopping off to visit Wightwick Manor. A Victorian manor house built and furnished under the influence of the Arts & Crafts movement. It was handed over to the National Trust in 1937 complete with contents which include textiles and decorative arts by William Morris, Charles De Morgan and other Pre-Raphaelite artists. Just stunning!

Quilting Travels - Wightwick Manor collage

Tuesday turned cold and wet so off to the Royal Worcester Porcelain Museum. A nice pub lunch and yet another antique shop browse which turned up a lovely sterling silver pin cushion in the form of a chair.

Quilting Travels - Worcester collage

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