So that is where the first half of the month went… a day in the country, a quilt gathering, an open studio and a pot of paint.

Quite a busy few weeks, here’s a catch up post. The first weekend of August saw Fran and I head to Castlemaine to spend the day stitching with the very talented ladies of the Castlemaine Applique Group. We also managed to fit in a bit of retail therapy. First stop was Threadbear Patchwork to pick up more of the fabrics I’m using for my ‘Aunt Clara’ English paper piecing.

So that is where the first half of the month went - fabrics

Then onto Habadash to see the lovely Sonia. I couldn’t resist adding these antique mother of pearl buttons to my collection. They measure about 4.5cm in diameter, with lovely irredesence and naive carving.


Then off to Ballan to visit Millrose Quilting. A bit more fabric, a chat with Sue and Jan, late afternoon tea then home to Melbourne.

On Saturday 9th August, I had a very enjoyable day attending the Victorian Quilters Guild Winter Gathering as a member and trader. We were treated to a Show & Tell of family quilts by Corliss Searcey and a very informative talk about copyright from Brenda Gael Smith. Brenda has a background in law and gave many examples of how quilters may find themselves in breach of copyright. Here’s a link to Brenda’s copyright resources page for more information.

Last Saturday was our Open Day at the studio. Jennifer from A Piece of Cloth joined us with her collection of vintage textiles and what a day it turned out to be. We had a steady stream of visitors popping in throughout the day, coffee, chatting, demonstrating, all very manageable. Then about mid afternoon it suddenly got very noisy and when I lifted my head up from what I had been demonstrating and looked around all I could see was wall to wall women… and then negotiating his way through the women came my neighbour with concerns the carpark was just as crowded.

I had let Tony, from The Electric Bicycle Co (yes, that was definitely a plug!) know in advance that I was having an Open Day and he kindly said it was OK to use a few of his parking spots for the day. What I didn’t foresee was the entire Bay Quilters group dropping by all at once after their meeting.

Having only just joined the Bay Quilters recently since setting up the studio nearby I was thrilled to see so many members come along. I also enjoyed meeting some new Facebook friends in person and putting faces to the names of people I only knew online or over the phone. Thanks to everyone who dropped by. If you couldn’t make it please email me with a note to be added to the contact list for the next Open Day.

So that is where the first half of the month went - studio Open Day

The above photo was taken first thing in the morning and I’m happy to say I was still smiling by the end of the day. Thanks Jennifer for the photo. (Note to self… must remember to make time in between talking and demonstrating at events to take photos for blog posts.) I so wish I had taken a photo of our mid afternoon rush.

Then Sunday saw some of  the girls from the Bay Quilters return to the studio for a workshop.

Leading up to our Open Day I had also been busy finishing off a few decorating projects including resurrecting a lovely old french sideboard that was water damaged while in storage. I’d always loved the shape and detail of this piece and thought it would look great with a painted finish. It took lots of undercoat/sealer to stop the black watermark stain from coming through, thankfully only on the top. I painted it an antique white and applied a slightly darker wash over the top which was then wiped off giving it that antique finish, then a bit of distressing and a coat of wax. I was very happy with the result and it now has a new home here at the studio .

So that is where the first half of the month went - painted finishes

and a little bit of pattern writing too… just a little!

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