Superior Threads Masterpiece Donuts – Threads for quilters on the go.

These pre-wound Masterpiece thread bobbins from Superior Threads are so convenient for quilters on the go. Packed in a reusable bobbin holder, each containing 35 different coloured bobbins. They come in two colour ranges. That’s 70 different colours small enough to fit in your handbag. You’ll always have the colour you need. Great for travelling or when you’re just off to sew with friends.

While they can be used as bobbins in machines that take an L-Style bobbin, they are so convenient for hand sewing. Great for turned-edge appliqué, hand piecing and English paper piecing.

Over the years I have tried so many different types of cotton threads for English Paper piecing. Many shred or break from the friction of being dragged across the edge of the paper template and the tension required.

The dilemma for English paper piecing patchworkers is finding a 100% cotton thread that is fine enough not to show the stitches but strong enough not to shred or break. I have had really good results using this thread. I just love having all those colours available to me without having to carry around bags of big spools of thread. There’s nothing worse than having to sift though a large bag of tangled threads for the colour you need.

They are more expensive to buy, per metre, than full spools. But just think of the amount of money you would have to invest to buy 70 full spools of thread to get the same colour range.

You do pay for convenience, but have a look at this Superior Threads video to see how much effort goes into making them.

The Superior Threads Masterpiece bobbins are a #50/2-ply extra long Egyptian cotton. For more details click on the following links… Superior Thread Bobbin Donut 1 or Superior Thread Bobbin Donut 2.


 Superior Threads Bobbin Donut 1

Superior Threads Masterpiece Donuts to go! -1

  Superior Threads Bobbin Donut 2

Superior Threads Masterpiece Donuts to go! - 2






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