A few more threads I like to use.

Threads I like to use - Bobbin Donut 1In a previous post I reviewed the Superior Threads Masterpiece Thread Donuts. They are great for quilters on the go, with 35 coloured bobbins in 2 colour ranges all packed into a convenient holder small enough to fit in you bag. Fantastic for appliqué, with all those colours to choose from without the expense of buying full spools. A cotton thread that holds up really well for English paper piecing.



I also like to use the Daruma silk threads. They are lovely to use for appliqué and are surprisingly durable for English paper piecing. They come in a great range of colours too. It’s a 50 weight thread and comes on 100 metre spools.


Threads I like to use - Monopoly threadsFor invisible machine appliqué I use the Superior Threads ‘Mono-Poly’ thread in the needle. It comes in ‘clear’ for use on lighter coloured fabrics and ‘smoke’ for darker coloured fabrics. If you are going to use a monofilament thread be sure to buy a top quality one. Be aware of the maximum heat setting when ironing. It comes on 2,200 yard spools.



Threads I like to use - Bottom Line threadsI use Superior Threads ‘The Bottom Line’ thread in the bobbin when machine appliquéing, it combines well with the Mono-Poly thread in the needle. It’s a fine 60 weight polyester and is great for bobbin use for both appliqué and machine embroidery. I know some recommend using it for English paper piecing but I don’t like it as I find it stretches too much and it is harsh on the hands.



If you want a more durable and economical thread for English Paper piecing, I have had good results with Superior Threads ‘So Fine’. I also use it for machine quilting. It’s a 50 weight polyester thread. Currently only available on 3,280 yard cones, however my supplier tells me it will soon be available on smaller spools.


The threads photographed above are currently available on our website. Please contact me for inquiries or orders of the other threads mentioned.


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