Last Tuesday at the Studio my friend Jo (yes… another Jo) dropped in with her sewing group. Jo had organised for the girls to drop by for a bit of a demo, morning tea and ‘Show & Tell’, then they were off to have their Christmas lunch.

Tuesday at the Studio 1

First I showed them some of my ‘works-in-progress’ so they could see how I use my templates in the designing and making of my quilts. I love showing people how I go about it as the usual thought people have when they first see my quilts, or indeed any quilts that are English paper pieced or turned-edge appliquéd, is the time spent making them.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist but I also like to be economical with my time. So over the years, I have developed my own way of doings things to give me the result I want in the most time efficient way.

I loved English paper piecing for it’s accuracy but hated that I had to spend so much time tacking and unpicking or even glueing seam allowances. I also loved the soft sculptural look of needle-turn appliqué and I had finally mastered it and still use it when needed, but I know it does take time and patience. That’s how ‘Made Studio Textiles’ templates & techniques came about, from my search for doing the two techniques I love in an easier and quicker way.

Morning tea was kindly organised by Jo (the other Jo… it’s an interchangeable term for us at Aim Archery Club where we are members). Jo has a reputation amongst our archery friends for always bringing along something tasty.

Then we had ‘Show & Tell’ of my quilts. I always love to see and hear about other peoples journey in whatever they do, not just quilters. It’s inspiring to see the first thing they made, see and hear what inspired and influenced them along the way. See how they got to where they are today. So the quilts were shown in chronological order starting in 1991.

The morning was finished off with a quick demonstration of how easy it is to prepare some hexagons using the heat-sensitive coated paper templates, a chat about how to use the basting glue for appliqué and some of the other things I have found to be useful.

Tuesday at the Studio 2

Jo’s daughter Isabel, having a pupil-free day off school, came along too and was photographer for the day. Thanks Bel.

Tuesday at the Studio 3

Tuesday at the Studio 4


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